The Data Database Article

Since the volume of business data grows, it is more important for organizations to acquire tools that collect and store info sets. An information repository, also known as a data pond or info warehouse, is mostly a large storage area location meant for unstructured data that is labeled and marked with metadata to organize collaboration between accountants and their clients it. It could possibly contain info from different areas of the group that are not always related and provide a single view within the data. An information mart is mostly a subset of your repository that is certainly more targeted to specific work with cases and easier for users to use.

The goal of a data repository is to provide use of only qualified users with a valid organization need. This ensures that sensitive information is not reached by unauthorized individuals who may choose to sell it, affect operations or gain a competitive advantages. There are additional risks connected with a data database such as the capacity for a great administrator to accidentally grant entry to inappropriate persons or for the malicious movie star to combine multiple files to make a false photo of the the case state of this system.

ATG Merchandising uses three versioned Commerce repositories: Merchandise Catalog, Claimable Repository and Price Lists. The Merchandising Item Catalog as well as the Price List repository support secured repositories, while the Claimable Repository would not support this feature.

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